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buy a rental property in Tampa like one of these at Grand Central condominiums in Channelside

Owning income properties can be one of the smartest investments you will ever make.   Rental real estate can help you earn more money, give you life-changing stability and peace of mind for your future.  Unlike nearly any other investment, when you own rental properties, YOU are in control.  You have a product that when properly managed and cared-for is always in demand.  The Tampa Bay area enjoys not only a great climate but also a steadily growing pool of long-term renters.  You can benefit from this growth and earn a great income when you rent your home with Home Locators Property Management.





Low returns on so-called 'safe' investments like CD's, retirement accounts or savings accounts are the traditionally accepted way to save for your future but often, they pay you very low returns.  Stocks can pay better but are highly volatile and their value can evaporate in an instant.  We don't think either of these traditional options give you the security and growth you want.  Our solution?:   buy a rental property in Tampa Bay.  You can enjoy regular income, tax advantages and even a tremendous hedge against inflation when you own investment real estate.

Use the trusted Tampa Rental Home experts to help you buy the perfect income property

The properties we list have been selected for their income [and/or growth] potential.   We typically look for properties that have the potential to produce returns from 7% to beyond 10% in certain cases.  No two investors are alike and while some people are comfortable with higher risk, others prefer a stable growth strategy, allowing the property to appreciate over time.  Of course, there are pros and cons to owning rental properties.  We can assist you in the evaluation process so you can feel confident you've made the best investment choice for your needs.


Each investor we work with has unique goals for their portfolio.  It is our mission to learn what you are looking for and help you to find the perfect rental property that meets your objectives. You can count on us to give you our expert opinion on value and any pertinent details about the market where the property is located.  Buying the right rental property is no easy decision and no matter how good a rental unit looks on paper, having our Tampa Bay rental property experts on your team will give you the confidence to make a wise purchase only AFTER you've been given plenty of information to make an educated purchasing decision.


We aren't just your sales agent.  We are your property management partner, here for the duration.

Unlike a traditional sales agent who closes the transaction and moves on to the next client, our goal is to build a lasting business relationship with you.  A partnership you can count on.  We never stop thinking about your concerns and your bottom line because we are investors, too.  We know how it feels to own a rental property far away from home.  This shared experience has made us better asset managers who understand your concerns.  We never stop improving our skills (through training, networking with peers and evaluation) and are always looking out for your best interest.  We do that in hundreds of small ways but the largest focus is on managing costs and limiting your risk.  Any property we help you buy is one we feel would be a solid performer and one we would be willing to rent, ourselves.  If you would like to sign up for our automated daily income property for sale update (based on the parameters you provide), just fill out your details and begin receiving the latest income property listings right away.

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