Long Distance Rental Ownership

Staying Connected When Far Away

Long Distance Rental Ownership Isn't Easy

Knowing your rental home is in good hands is essential. For investment property owners who live far from their properties, it is critical to have a property manager who is proactive and easy to reach.  Whether you intended to own your property as a rental or if you were unable to sell it, you need a Tampa property management partner you can trust. Home Locators will help you get the best possible returns while also preserving your asset for years to come.  


Questions you should consider when renting a unit from far away

Do I Really Need A Property Manager?

It is easy to underestimate the amount of work required to manage a rental property - especially from a distance.  It should be simple enough to rent out the house and then sit back and receive rent checks in the mail each month, right?  Sometimes, a friend or family member lives nearby and it seems reasonable to assume they could handle the needs of your property.  If everything goes perfectly, this might work but often, things don’t go according to plan. Managing a rental home is a complex business where seemingly minor situations can go wrong very quickly.  A good property manager can save you a lot of money and give you back countless hours of your life.


Am I Getting The Best Return on Investment?

As a landlord, you face multiple challenges that threaten to reduce (or even eliminate) your rental income.  Here are a few common challenges that are encountered by landlords during a tenancy:


Marketing during vacancy

Showings to prospective renters

Application processing

Preparing a lease that is designed to be fair to all parties while also oriented to protecting the owner’s interests

Rent collection

3:00am emergency maintenance phone calls

Ensuring the maintenance staff did the job you hired them to do (and stands behind their work).

Lease Enforcement

Lease Expirations & Renewals

Move-out inspection

Security Deposit Disposition

Security Deposit Disputes

Accounting and Tax Reporting

Legal Compliance



As the old saying goes, ‘You’re always lucky...until you get caught.’  Most investment property owners think their property expenses (and their luck) will be better than average but if you stay in the game long enough, your intuition will tell you that sooner or later you are going to encounter some difficulties.  Having the right property manager on your team will help you eliminate dealing with these challenges on your own. We help to give you your time back as well as reduce vacancy losses. Our proximity allows us to provide superior oversight of your property and our experience is like putting money in your pocket because we save landlords from costly mistakes.  As with other investments, assets managed by professionals will perform better because they are in the care of skilled experts who are always working on your behalf to deliver superior results.


How Can I Know What Is Happening With My Property?

You don’t have to wonder what’s going on at your rental property.  With Home Locators Property Management, you have access to your information day and night via our Owner’s Portal.  There, you can see statements, message with your property manager and find lots of details about your property. It doesn’t stop there.  We take pride in our communications with owners - as much or as little as they desire. Our financial reports are logically configured and easy to read.  Whether you own a single property or an entire apartment complex, we will give you a clear and concise overview of everything happening with your investment.  


When we manage your rental, you don’t just get a single manager, you also benefit from an entire team of highly-skilled specialists who are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience by managing all the details of your rental property and your account.  You don’t have to phone a friend to get help with your income property; Home Locators is your friend in the business. We will take care of everything so you can focus on the most important things in your world. Our affordable services will reward you with cost savings and peace of mind for many years to come.  

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