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A trolley car passes beneath the pedestrian bridge leading to Centro Ybor in Ybor City Historic DistrictYbor City is a historic neighborhood within Tampa, FL. This popular neighborhood is regarded as a National Historic Landmark district. It features plenty of specialty shops, restaurants, and interesting finds. Founded in the late 1800s, the area gets its name from Vincente Martinez Ybor, a prominent cigar manufacturer. From then on, it became the area’s main cigar production spot.

Today, Ybor City, Tampa features many amenities for residents. Sitting just northeast of downtown Tampa, it’s also nearby to activities downtown such as major concerts and events.

Investing in Ybor City, Tampa Real Estate

What once was an area filled with cigar manufacturers is now a diverse community filled with local businesses, artisans and interesting people. Plenty of charming homes ranging from Victorian-era mansions to shotgun-style cottages once inhabited by cigar factory workers populate its streets.  Ybor City is popular because many potential tenants are attracted to the idea of living in a place that has everything they need combined with the culture and excitement they want.  Although it’s a part of Tampa, the neighborhood itself has plenty of its own resources.

As a result, homes in this area have a high demand. Just in the last year, Ybor City experienced an increase in home sales of 22%. These numbers are predicted to continue growing, so now is the time to invest in Ybor City, Tampa rental property.

Property Management in Ybor City, Tampa, FL

If you plan to own property in Ybor City (or already do,) finding a property management company in Tampa, FL is the first step to maximizing your investment.

Home Locators Property Management offers an expert team in property management in Ybor City, Tampa, FL. Our friendly team knows this neighborhood.  We shop here.  We dine here.  We have even had to walk around Ybor's famous, colorful, wild chickens that are often seen walking through the shady brick side streets.  We will help you navigate Ybor City property management by providing you with marketing services and tenant screening in this niche market.  The Ybor market varies widely from one street to the next.  We will help you find the right tenant who is willing to pay you a rent amount that makes both of you happy.  As always, our goal is to find you a tenant who wants to rent your property for several years.  This reduces your costs and creates a better community.  We also provide a number of services to help keep your property and business in top shape.  If you are interested in buying a rental property in Ybor City or anywhere in the metro Tampa Bay area, we offer a free daily email update that delivers new potential properties that match your search criteria as they are placed on the market for sale.

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We offer full-service solutions for your Tampa Bay rental home.

Property Marketing

Our marketing experts work quickly to find qualified tenants. Our team uses sophisticated marketing tools to get your listing maximum exposure and ensure the vacancy doesn't last long.

Tenant Screening

All applicants for one of our rental homes must meet our strict screening criteria. We use background, financial, and reference checks to qualify potential tenants.

Rent Collection

Get your rental earnings in on time. We collect all funds on your behalf and also resolve billing issues, such as late payments. Your earnings hit your bank account automatically each month.


When your home needs some attention from the professionals, we're never more than a repair request away. We resolve problems in your property & keep your home looking its best.

Property Inspections

By regularly visiting every home we manage, our team identifies red flags well before they turn into full-fledged nightmares. As a Home Locators client, your home benefits from ongoing inspections.

Financial Reporting

Monthly reports provide a comprehensive overview of your home's recent financial performance. We also offer 24/7 access to this information, as everything goes inside our online account portal.


Whenever possible, our team finds amicable solutions with tenants to avoid messy evictions. When we need to take things a step further, we'll help you navigate the ins & outs of a legal eviction.

Legal Guidance

We monitor the ever-changing assortment of local laws, ordinances, and fair housing guidelines that impact your property. We keep your home playing by the rules & eliminate unnecessary risks.


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Problems can pop up at a moment's notice; you'll never be stuck waiting for a return phone call from us. We do everything we can to respond to emails & calls quickly, and we make ourselves available to address your concerns.

Our Team Understands Modern Tenants

As property managers, we work extensively with rental tenants and we know how to keep them satisfied. Happier renters result in lower turnover rates and fewer challenges, ultimately putting more money back in your pocket.


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We live up to our promises and do things differently. At Home Locators Property Management, our goal is to always put our clients first. We're committed to helping you succeed.

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We've been serving property owners across the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years. When it comes to handling rental properties, no other team can match our extensive experience & track record of success.

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Our team has been working with local homeowners since 1986.

If you own rentals in the Ybor City area, finding a property manager who can help you get the most out of your investment is essential. Plenty of managers try to use big promises to attract potential clients, but at Home Locators Property Management, we believe the proof is in the pudding. Over the course of our 32-year history, we've helped countless property owners to resolve their biggest rental challenges and we're still actively partnering with clients across the Big Guava.

By choosing to work with us, you're putting years of experience and expertise on your side. Our team is passionate about helping rental homeowners and we know the local real estate market like the back of our proverbial hand. In short, whether you own one property or dozens, we're equipped to help you achieve impressive financial results and keep your home performing optimally for years to come. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help you.


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