Property Inspections During Bad Weather

The summer months are traditionally the busiest months for rental real estate. This past August, we had 21 move-outs that occurred within days of one another. At the same time, Tampa experienced significant storms that brought local flooding and generally made performing inspections very difficult. With outgoing tenants waiting to be reimbursed for their security deposits and new residents anticipating moving into their rental homes, we didn’t have the ability to wait for good weather. Enjoy this light-hearted video of one of our managers, battling the elements on behalf of our landlords and tenants.

Forget the post office – Home Locators DELIVERS! – We never stop working for our landlords and tenants.

Maintenance and Inspections are critical and time-sensitive

Did you know, the law requires a lease be closed out and security deposits be returned to the former tenant within 15 days if there are no damage charges? Failure to comply with this law can result in costly penalties and fees. As a professional Tampa property management company, we operate with an understanding of the legal requirements in all our activities. Equally important, outgoing residents need to trust they are being cared for just as much as anytime during their occupancy. This means they are looking for speed in the return of their security deposit. Our landlords need that same commitment to speed in turning their rental homes around and preparing them for marketing and new renters. A lease cannot be closed out and funds cannot be released without an inspection. Maintenance cannot begin without an inspection. Regardless of the weather, our rental property inspections are performed quickly and professionally, allowing our landlords to rest easy and focus on the things that are important in their daily lives. Our focus is on property management, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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