E-cigarettes – Does my tenant smoking E-cigs damage my rental home?

Yes, they do. In our view, smoking is smoking. Whether it is a traditional tobacco cigarette or an E-Cigarette, both emit pollutants that create not only a foul smell but also toxic substances. E-cigs typically leave deposits that include Formaldehyde, Benzene and a host of other potentially hazardous substances. While they do not leave the tar residue of a tobacco cigarette, the pollutants left by an e-cigarette are dangerous enough that we have opted to not permit them to be smoked inside any residence managed by Home Locators Property Management.  The no smoking policy is written into our lease agreement and it is an actionable violation of the terms of the Rental Home Lease Agreement.  Costs to repair smoking-related damage can cost thousands of dollars.  If any smoking is detected in the home, we will take immediate action to correct any damage and preserve the property.
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